Bene Beach – Your Secret Runaway

Bene Beach, Jimbaran, Bali

Bene Beach, Jimbaran, Bali

Everybody needs a place to runaway and everbody loves beach. But to find a quiet unspoiled beach as if it belongs to your own? Can you imagine the challenge? Don’t worry guys, we will give you the secret place, but sshh, seal your lips and don’t tell anyone!

Take your motorcycle or your car to the south of Bali. Jimbaran has a plenty of hidden beaches, but this secret point must get your attention the most! Bene Beach is located in front of Mimpi Villas, not too far away from the Ayana Resort and Spa. To get to the beach, you can park your ride around the villa and take a footpath down and down to the white sand of this beautiful place. A wide carpet of corals will greet you as soon as you get down. The blue and calm water of the ocean will make you love this place so much! Segara temple isn’t too far away from the beach, gives you an extremely new sensation of Balinese culture and beautiful nature. This beach is still very clean and quiet. The cliffs hide this beach pretty well, that’s why you can find your peace without having the crowd ruin your runaway pleasure. Enjoy the luxurious sensation of sunset in Bene beach, this place will treat you so good, home will be the last thing you’ll ever think about as soon as you get here!

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