Living in Bali – The Deeper Connection


Personal Details


Name                    :  Lahra Tatriele

Title                       :  Co-founder & Managing Directors

Company             :  Fivelements

City                        :  Bali

First Job               :  At the age of 13, I painted hair accessories and sold them out of my home and offered my hospitality services as a “party-helper.”

Hobby & Little-known Facts about you:  I love being in nature, rivers, mountains, oceans, forests…the inspiration of the perfection of nature; I was a modern ballet dancer for 22 years in NY and during that time, I had one of my first spiritual encounters with God. Fivelements’ Sacred Arts program was inspired from this experience:  to work with dedicated, passionate artists, bridging their life passions into a transformative healing format that can be shared with guests to inspire new awareness and a deeper connection to Self.


About the Business

  • What/who makes you passionate about the business?  Being at the service of others. Inspiring people to heal themselves into happiness, newfound freedom and trust, and having the honor to facilitate a transformative process – among many, many other things.
  • What is your yardstick of success?  When we see guests happy and in love and respect of themselves – living their truth. When guests share their experiences in person or reading their comments about how important their Fivelements experience was to help them in their lives; being honored by industry professionals/awards and reading the wonderful editorials that we’ve been so fortunate to attract.
  • Why did you choose Bali?  Bali chose me. Bali attracted me nearly 20 years ago and since then, it’s been an ongoing, deepening love affair.


About Traveling

  • What are you looking for when you travel?  A cultural journey that will expand my horizons and a family adventure (We are a family of 5)
  • What is your favorite destination in the world, and why?  Bali. Bali is an endless discovery of an ancient culture that keeps expanding and absorbing with all the challenges of modern development and tourism. You can never finish “knowing” Bali. The more you open up, the more you learn about yourself. Bali takes you on a wise, life-changing journey when you are ready. Bali is an endless “spiritual well.”
  • 5 things you have to bring when traveling:  a Balinese sarong, my journal with colored markers/pencils, vibuti (from an ashram in India), an inspiring book and my homeopathic first aid kit.
  • Do you have an unforgettable story when traveling?  The first time we went to an ashram in southern India with our 1 year old son, 5 year old daughter and 8 year old daughter and my husband…This experience changed our lives forever. Love all, serve all.


About Five Elements

  • What makes Fivelements unique?  Fivelements is unique because of its concept and deep dedication to Love and supporting others to have the will to transform through Love (among).
  • What can the travelers expect from Fivelements?  An extraordinary and authentic healing journey through the mystic culture of Bali – to know oneself better than ever before and to learn how to self-nourish.


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